Matt Shaw
SickEST B*stards

SickEST B*stards continues from the end of SickER B*stards. To understand this short story, and wrap the events of Sick B*stards up, you need to have read the previous two titles.


When it’s time to call something a small stroke of genius?
For SickEST B*stards you might almost be tempted to choose these words.

SickEST B*stards represents the final novella to Matt Shaw’s sick journey – and relativizes infinity to a eternal finiteness.

Shaw changes the perspective from John to his "mother" (so finally not his mother, but "Kelly Dethlefs")! And that’s what makes the thing so awesome, as ultimately disgusting.
Finally you’ll find yourself in the first part (Sick B*stards) again:
this abhorrent devotion, which appears to be the only way through the assumed finality.

SickEST B*stards seamlessly follows SickER B*stards and makes the nightmare incarnate to a final reality. The reader is no longer confronted (Sick B*stards), no longer attacked (SickER B*stards)… actually he’ll get ignored; it does not need any more active action – we are lost!

The complete escalation of the second part impels itself in the abyss of hell: it will never end, because it must begin forever – it will never die, because it never has lived – it will never be good, because it was never evil …

The will to survive as the absolution of knowledge – knowledge as a metamorphosis to delusion.

Just as Matt Shaw has closed the circle with SickER B*stards, he has filled it with SickEST B*stards – to the signum of resignation.



Matt Shaw - SickEST Bastards


SickEST B*stards
1. Edition
35 pages
(printed version only available in the collection
Sick. Sicker. Sickest. The Bastard Collection)




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