Mike Duke – Hate Inexorable

Memorial Day.

Sunny, bright, warm. Perfect weather.

Kendall, a former Navy SEAL, his wife, Krystal, and their toddler son, Matthew, arrive early at the beach to beat the holiday crowd and enjoy some quality family time.

It’s a perfect day… until it’s not.

Until fateful events unfold.

Hate finds this happy, biracial cou­ple and pursues them with unrelenting te­nacity.

Kendall and Krystal find themselves in a fight for their lives, desperate to protect their child. A hus­band trained to fight who will do whatever it takes.

A momma bear who won’t go quietly into the night no matter how hard Hate rages to take their lives.

Today, on this day we honor sacrifices made.

Hate has come out to play and the stakes are life and death.



In this book you’ll get confronted with
explicit violence against babies!



Someone writes about the most sucky topic (of course racism), takes the stupidest setting (of course an elite soldier), stuffs it into a provocative cover (of course a swastika), puts a lurid title on it (of course something with hate) and…

…wins me as a new fan!


Reasons of a world in pain1


I became aware of Mike Duke not through his books (how come?!), but through a common book highlight: The City (S.C. MendesThe City; Blood Bound Books; 2017).
An author who seems to have the same reading-taste like me, makes me curious, of course.
Again and again I’d like to buy one of his books and again and again I rejected this intent – up to Hate Inexorable.
Actually, it was a kind of final chance I gave him: if he’ll convince me with a novelette with just 89 pages, whose theme and plot annoys me collossally, I would also give his other books (especially Low) a chance.
Well – as already said: he convinced me…!


I am the darkness that steals your last breath2


Of course the first thought is of an enormous compression, when holding a novelette with just 89 pages in my hands – but the opposite awaits the reader here; Duke didn’t compress the story, but concentrated it – the relentless extract that engraves into the reader’s brain: please – thanks – in your face!

As trivial, finally almost kitschy, as the beginning of the story spreads out in my mind’s eye, as hard the change of tempo punchs in my gut – you could think of Ryan C. ThomasThe Summer I died (Coscom Entertainment, 2009).
This is not just a bursting bubble – here explodes the whole f*cking head!


When heaven burns I will dance in its fire3


Soon it seems, as if I’m not holding a book in my hands, but a destiny:
I don’t hold pages, but claw myself into the open flesh of fear, don’t read words, but follow the arrival of the four horsemen – do not follow, but be persecuted, be hunted, become a witness, become a desecrator – I am destiny!

The intensity of Hate Inexorable doesn’t have to hide behind the more well-known butchers of the scene:
fans of Tim Millers violent excesses, Wrath James Whites character portrayals or Angel Geliques conscious crossing of borders should feel comfortable here.


What you want is what you got,4
Satans blood money


What makes Hate Inexorable so repulsive (isn’t it strange to use such a word as praise?) is not the exaggerated depiction of violence, but the realistic reproduction of violence: this hell is not born of the mud of fiction, but has risen from the vomit of our society.


In the words of truth I speak,5
the lords of lords will die


I particularly like the message that Hate Inexorable conveys: extremism and violence, no matter if from the left or right side, is and remains wrong!
But instead of the indexfinger of admonition, the fist of reality waits here!
Nice side note: you can notice the knife affinity and experience about self-defense of Mike Duke very well…


One look at me and you know he is I6


The attentive reader (and Death Metal fan) might have noticed it already:
Hate Inexorable is a merciless Death Metal thunderstorm, that bombs like an armored concrete wall at the reader – or, in the words of Glen Benton:

Died for me, well that’s too bad I don’t believe7
Killed by sins of the evil what I am
Your destruction, reasons of a world in pain
Blind disciple, you will never live again



Duke, Mike - Hate Inexorable


Hate Inexorable
1. Edition
91 pages
(also available as eBook)




All quotes by Deicide:
Deicide (1990) – Deicide
Overtures of Blasphemy (2018) – Compliments of Christ
Scars of the Crucifix (2004) – When heaven burns
The Stench of Redemption (2006) – Walk with the devil
In the Minds of Evil (2013)- End the wrath of god
Once upon the Cross (1995) – When Satan rules his world
Deicide (1990) – Deicide




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